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Lammas/ Lughnasad


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Lammas Activities


# Honor the Grain Goddess is to make a corn doll. This is a fun project to do with kids. . She's your visual representation of the harvest. As you work on her, think about what you harvested this year. Give your corn dolly a name, perhaps one of the names of the Grain Goddess or one that symbolizes your personal harvest. Dress her in a skirt, apron and bonnet and give her a special place in your house. She is all yours till the spring when you will plant her with the new corn, returning to the Earth that which She has given to you. Make a corn dolly to save for next Imbolc.

# It is a season to throw away useless thoughts and habits and to form new ideas which bring renewed strength. Reflect on these topics alone in the privacy of your journal or share them with others around a fire.

# Lughnasad is one of the great Celtic fire-festivals, so if at all possible, have your feast around a bonfire.

# Have a magical picnic and break bread with friends.

# Do a meditation in which you visualize yourself completing a project you have already begun.

# Bake bread this is a grain festival! If you've never made bread before, this is a good time to startand there is ahelpful article here in the links.
Honor the source of the flour as you work with it: remember it was once a plant growing on the mother Earth. If you have a garden, add something you've harvested--herbs or onion or corn--to your bread. If you don't feel up to making wheat bread, make corn bread. Bake a sacred loaf bread and give a portion of it to Mother Earth with a prayer of appreciation.

# Make prayers for a good harvest season.

# Do prosperity magic.

# Kindle a Lammas fire with sacred wood and dried herbs.

# If you live in or near a farming region, attend a public harvest festival, such as a corn or apple festival.

# Decorate the altar and house with grains such as barley, oats and wheat -- also fruits and veggies.

# Begin gathering and drying herbs, flower, grains or seeds for spellworking in the next year.

# Make magickal oils now with fresh herbs.

# Braid onion and garlic charms. Onion is sacred to the sun -- because of its shape, and its dye is a golden amber to burnt apricot.When the onion is cut, it reveals the symbolism of the moon. Garlic, too, is sacred to the moon -- the crescent shape of the cloves. It exorcises evil and protects.

# Collect rain and storm water for use in spellwork or to empower objects, add dried mugwort and store in glass bottles.

# Make a corn wheel.