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Crone Alone


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The Cottage August/Mabon 2002

Crone Alone
                By Gwyllion Moon


Summer. Within the word itself is the word, "sum" which we all know means the total of something. And so it is fitting that during this month of August and the associated celebration of Lammas, the first of the Harvest festivals, we take a look at what we have sown and what our total contribution has been to ourselves and to others.
It is of course our role as Crone to advise, counsel and consider the questions and concerns of those around us and to offer our wisdom and teachings to those who seek answers of us.  But as a Solitary, we may often find ourselves in a position of being less than excited about offering counseling to others, since it may expose us to unwanted public attention or criticism.
But truly, when someone approaches us with a quandary, are we not by definition of Crone as "wise woman" simply under Universal law to teach and counsel?  I think so.
I believe that if we are to reap a harvest of well developed Spiritual growth, that we must follow the path we walk, which ultimately leads us to the seeker.
Solitary as we may choose to be, in reality, we are not.  Nor can we ever be. For it is by virtue of our years and our lives and our title that we must be there for others.
And so, this Crone Alone, asks that you nurture the seeds you  have planted  and consider the bounty of the harvest that you will have through the balance of the year. As the wheel turns around us, we must, as the Crone, remain the hub of that wheel.......ever centered.
Blessed Be your harvest!

Also my thanks everyone who has written kind words about my column.  In particular, Moonstorm who wrote ," I have just been to the Crones Cottage and seen the page of the "Crone Alone",I found it profound and comforting."  " ... thank you..", "...deeply touched". A
lso a special thanks to Salome/Witcheshonor who wrote, "I am rather warmed by the page." It looks like my harvest is bountiful.
And that pleases me greatly. 


Musing for the Month:  If a little seed is set in the ground but refuses to grow, is it because I have neglected the seed itself, or is it because I did not consider what it was I was planting in the first place?