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July / Lammas 2002


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Crone Alone

Crone Alone


"Crone Alone"
                                            By Gwyllion Moon

Solitary.  One might equate that to being alone. And yet, the Solitary Crone is never truly alone. She is filled with the wonders of the Universe around her and rejoices in the gifts that Nature gives her within each moment of each day, whether it be the dawn awakening with the coming of the light or the dark approaching within the face of the Moon.

Transforming into the Crone aspect of womanhood can either be a remarkably exuberant or reluctantly approachable time for the Solitary.  Our circle now becomes expanded with the knowledge we have accumulated throughout the years and with the lifetime we have experienced. For some of us this can make us feel caught between life and death. And yet, for others, it can remind us that all life IS death and death IS life.

It can bring back memories of the pains and joys that one experiences in order to earn the title, "Crone". And it can bring tears to our eyes thinking of the long nights of visions which the heart endures in order to wear the name proudly.
For it is the Crone, the one who has seen life's greatness and has stood in awe of all that is, who understands her path.  And now she finds herself looking ahead at what the years to come will bring at the moonrise of her existence. 
If you are a Solitary you may be afraid of that moonrise.  But fear not, my sisters in Spirit.... for you are never truly a Crone Alone.

I invite you to open the doors of the Cottage and join me in our special corner for the Solitary. This feature column will not only serve to inspire, but will also provide a forum for discussions and offer answers to questions based on mail and input from you, the reader.

Musings for the Month-
"I am as a stone within this world, shaped by wind and time and ever changing. Though small and insignificant now, someday I may be the foundation for a mountain."

Please send questions and/or comments to either: OR

Gwyllion Moon is a Solitary Crone, mother and grandmother. She has been involved with metaphysics, witchcraft and spiritual counseling for over 30 years. She is a practitioner of Environmental Balancing and established member of the Community School of Goddess Studies..  A former High Priestess of the Circle of the Willow Moon, Gwyllion is a member of the Fellowship of Isis, an ordained minister with both Universal Life Church and the Church of Seven Planes.  She has several web pages and has received the Phenomenal Women of the Web award for her site, The Magik of the Crone.