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The Cottage August/Mabon 2002

Help Wanted
Do you play Acoustic Guitar?
If you are an acoustic guitar 
player and you are capable at
teaching drop me a line.  I 
got a great guitar as a
present however I am a having 
a hard time learning to 
play.  Can you help?
Seeking Teacher
Merry Meet,
I am seeking an open minded 
teacher preferably in the 
northern NY area I am M/21/Upper
NY State area if that for some reason 
affects responses to this.

For Sale
Avalon Gardens Herbal Products
Handcrafted, all-natural, soaps, salves
and powders. All soaps contain sacred 
water from the Chalice Well  in
Glastonbury and are made  with the
purest olive oil.No animal by-products
Check often, new products added 
frequently!Coming soon...tabletop 

Great shirts for Pagans!
 Founded in 1998, Airbe Druad 
has a history of providing shirts for pagans.  Most 
shirts are humorous, some are just plain edgy.
 Check us out!

  Fresh from nature
    Juniper berries, mint and river stones for sale.All berries are gathered at time 
of ordering. Mint has been chopped finely or I have some  with stems. It has been  dried.River stones include agates all sizes never polished. Taken from river 
when ordered. email me for  price list and picture of  rocks similiar to those you  would get

Professional Services Offered
You need answers.
What is the best thing to do? 
Will you be rich? 
Intuition, Astrology, Tarot 
and Dreams guide me,
what is written for you?  
Find out, today.

Scholarships Available
ePagan Auctions is pleased to
offer free full member 
scholarships to!  $9.95 
value.  See our site for info 
 on how to register for the


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